The ODI Medical Central Laboratory, cLab™, enables advanced analysis and assessment of microvascular hemodynamics and oxygen delivery. 
From the data captured with mLab™, a series of parameters are extracted in cLab™ and the total output represents an optical biomarker for oxygen delivery to cells in the measuring volume: the Oxygen Delivery Index™.  
The Oxygen Delivery Index™ is a method for assessing microcirculatory function: the capacity for delivery of oxygen from the circulatory system to the cells of the body. 
The Oxygen Deliver Index™ can be used to:
  1. Make a diagnosis of the function of the circulatory system, i.e. circulatory failure, on an individual patient basis.
  2. Provide a prognosis for the specific patient.
  3. Assess the efficacy of treatment in a specific patient by trend analyses of measurements before and after start of treatment.
All data analysis is reviewed and approved by trained clinical personnel.
The Oxygen Deliver Index™ is communicated to the responsible physician, and can be used for clinical decision-making and patient tailored treatment.