ODI Medical Issued New Patent

Oslo, April 29, 2021

ODI Medical announced today the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers a method for assessing the function of the circulatory system.

The patent for invention number 10987011 includes technologies and clinical protocols for microcirculatory examination as well as definitions of parameters used to characterize the ability of the microcirculation to deliver oxygen to tissue cells.

“This latest patent makes claims in connection with our technology; a breakthrough solution capable of non-invasively evaluating circulatory function” said Stein Bleivik, CEO, ODI Medical. ” It strengthens the protection surrounding our technology, which adds confirmation to ODI Medical’s leadership position in developing medical technology for healthcare professionals to better assess patients’ microcirculation and thereby support decision-making, optimizing and personalizing treatments in the Intensive Care Units and other care settings,” he said.

The most important function of the circulatory system is to transport and deliver oxygen.  Circulatory failure can therefore best be defined as failure to achieve sufficient oxygen delivery to maintain life and function of all body cells.  The patent covers technologies and the method of identifying or monitoring circulatory failure in a subject by non-invasive examination by computer assisted video microscopy (CAVM) and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS). In an analyzing platform applying advanced custom-made software using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, parameters such as functional capillary density (FCD), capillary flow velocity (CFV) and oxygen saturation of microvascular erythrocytes (SmvO2) is quantified.

ODI Medical has developed the method, the apparatus, and the software, based on over thirty years of research in microcirculation.  This is a field that lacks a reliable test or framework to assess systemic or localized circulatory failure, preferably one that is appropriate for many patient groups and clinical scenarios. The method has high relevance in today’s society at a time when we are faced with an unprecedented pandemic.

ODI Medical is continuing to partner with world renowned research institutions and hospitals to contribute to covid-related research in the area of diagnosis and therapy guidance plus vaccine/pharmaceutical development and understanding the basis of long covid complications.